Tuesday, November 16, 2010

One hell of a Tuesday

1st period today I went skating for gym it was really fun! After that though I didn't have the best Math class of all time the teacher doesn't teach the material he just gives you a worksheet and says, "have at it!" Then I had science; we watched a really cool movie about Plastic Bags and believe me it does sound really boring but it actually really interesting (well its that or I'm a freak! Hmmm... Maybe both). Anyways I am thinking about starting a petition to ban plastic bags in my town. Well anyways then we watched 2 movies in Social on Immigration; I got to say it I am more interested in Plastic Bags.

To anyone who cares I am a part of a group called CGIT (Canadian Girls In Training) and each year we get to run one of the services at my churchand this year we decided to do a skit on when the Angel comes to tell Mary she's pregnant but a modern day version. It was kind of hard to make it without swears for church. But the best part is I get to be God and God is the director of the skit. Awesome right? I get a directors cone and everything!! (I'll tell you more about this later maybe even post our script who knows it's pretty funny)

Next I went to my highland class and found my kilt and a new vest ready for me. And guess what people it's green my all time favorite colour, so cool. By the way highland is not for the week hearted and for anyone who feels old don't try it might cause a stroke. Yeh! I love it anyways and I am so close to being in the top level I can almost taste it.

After highland I headed for my 1 hour and 45 minute lesson which I think is a fairly long time but I feel bad for the suckers that have a 2 and a half hour lesson that would be murder!! Well I'm in Grade 4 in piano but soon will start my Grade 5; pretty fun eh! (yes I am Canadian) I also take theory and I am in Advanced Rudiments for that so I'm doing not to bad. A while back I quit piano and for 2 years I didn't take lessons but then I decided If I was going to Sing I needed to be able to practice with a piano instead of a tape so the I started lessons and found I actually like playing the piano so I guess all is well. (And theory there is no choice I have to take it for my singing oh well I'll live)

Well after that I came home and watched GLEE epic episode today really good people "YOU MUST WATCH IT" she said in a creepy stalker voice. OK who is she and how does she know what a stalker sounds like (sorry people my craziness ran away from me). But it really was a good episode.

Tomorrow I have morning band where I play 1st trombone epically. So TTFN all you cool beans that read this blog.

This is George and she is so not in the house! ( Sorry Elvis I stole your line and made it better)


  1. If you want to know more about Battle of the Bags the movie I watched in Science go to

  2. I will help you with your ban against plastic bags. I almost put that exact same thing in my blog too..... haha we think alike!