Monday, November 15, 2010

Mondays- The Way George Rolls

Okay dudes crazy day! Went to ballet class from 4-5 and found out I am preforming in festival to a song called It's Oh So Quiet by Björk, this is a great song you should definately listen to it, well anyways I get my own solo in it right at the very beginning it is so psychedelic or you know just plain cool. I am getting so close to doing my splits but man does it ever hurt. Well guess I better just suck it up if I want to be flexible. Being flexible would definately be to my advantage if I am going to become a broadway star; which I am so determined to be.

People I hope your staying with me cause this was a long night!

So if your still even reading this from 5-7 and yes I had to race from dance to get to my play practice. My highschool is putting on a performance of Anne of Green Gables the Musical it is so much fun I get to play the part of Josie Pye which is baisically the big bitch who tries to ruin Anne's life with every ounce of her being; isn't it awesome! So we did almost the whole second act which was pretty good I'd say but the preformance is the first week of December and we are still reading from the scripts. I wouldn't say our director is the most organized person, in fact I'm surprised it hasn't been cancelled yet. Even if it did get cancelled I had a fun time doing it and the director was fun to work with even if he wasn't the most organised. It was great practice for the future anyways.

After this I scrambled to singing because of course you guessed it; singing starts at 7 and ran till 9:30. Well in singing we are getting ready for our Christmas recital and I totally get to be a Hick in a song and do a hoedown it is awesome. There are some crazy high parts in some songs but I am starting to get them so its all cool now, my duet in the one song is the best ever, and I have to sing in Yes German and I don't speak German but my singing teacher does oh well it's a pretty song. Well heres hoping I can make through the first week of December because the concert is 2 days after the play ends! Yeppers!

Well thats all I can think of now except now I have to do homework good the load isn't to bad tonight and if your thinking why is she whining about her schedule she chose to do those things well ya! I love doing them all but sometimes I wish my teachers would pick different days so that I can eat supper on Mondays.

This is George signing off (this is another thing I have always wanted to say)

And Cut thats a wrap people!

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