Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hump Day!!

Hey people its Wednesday or Hump Day if you prefer!! To start off the day I went to band and played some awesome trombone we got some new songs and I am kicking ass with them (mind you I can be VERY modest). After that we did a thing called Operation Christmas Child it is an organization that gives the presents you give to the to people who can't afford presents (3rd world countries); the whole school took part in this it was pretty fun. Then I just went on with the boring part of my day a math test, science, and a social movie.

Ok people now we have reached the cool beans part of my day, my school just started its own GLEE club; pretty sweet right, ya you know I'm right. We decided we are getting clothing done and that the first song we are going to learn as a group is What's My Name Again by BLINK 182 again coolest thing ever. I'm so excited our first performance is going to be in December. I'll get back to you tomorrow with more details!

After GLEE club I had play practice again but this time was off book can you believe it our director got it together YAY!! So for a whole 2 hour we did the first part of scene 2 off books in that part my favorite line that anyone says is........ This is the Teacher- It was destiny that chose my to cultivate this pearl, by devoting my attention to the needs of every girl. For in the field of knowledge, when you plant a tiny seed, the results can be tremendous, tremendous yes indeed! (he's talking about how he got one his students knocked-up in song form) Funniest thing ever!!

Well that's the end of my day besides studying for a French Test tomorrow on Jouer and les sports if you know what that is if not just go with verbs and sports.

May the force be with you (I love Star Wars)

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