Monday, November 15, 2010

Me and My Blog

Well people this is the first day of my knew blog and its definately going to be crazy. One of my friends was showing me her blog and I thought woah! what a cool idea. This blog however is going to be slightly different from hers... Jen's blog is about her daily life where mine is about my day to day strive for stardom. So in the end result somewhat the same somewhat different.

Ok now I better get on track before anyone gets too bored. Well where to start.... I guess for anyone who doesn't know me I better tell you about myself. Well I am a thirteen year old girl who love doing crazy fun things like saying "monkey butt" can't help it its just to funny, what cha gonna do. I have awesome friends that I totally love because they support my dreams and cheer me on everyday. I have one word for them and it is definately kickass. My passion is for the theater; I love singing, dancing, acting, and baisically anything that will allow me to entertain people. Thats all I can think of right now uh-oh I sound like a very boring person, don't worry you'll find out I'm crazy soon enough.

Well thats it for now folks (P.S. I have always wanted to say that) hope that wasn't to boring I mean I don't think it was to bad for my first post. I promise it will probably be more interesting next time. So keep reading and I will tell about what I'm doing to become a BROADWAY*STAR!


  1. Just so everybody knows I'm the one who inspired this blog.... so visit mine too!!!

  2. Nice if anyone reads this you should definately read hers its hilarious!