Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Why the Hell Are We Listening To Rap in LA

OK apparently Rap has something to do with Language Arts in a very round about odd way but why do we have to listen to the crappiest Rap song in the history of ever I mean really. Could this Rapper dude really not think of anything better I mean "Not Bad Meaning Bad But Bad Meaning Good". That is the shittiest line in a rap ever I mean even I could do better than that crap. And you know what makes this all even better it's got people tapping on water glasses in the back ground (or so thats what it sounds like) that just piss you off and it gets worse as it progresses through the song. Another thing... Why can't rappers get better names "Jam Master Jay" nice dude very original. If rappers want to be "cool" they better get hell of a lot better names like Slim Shady that is a freaking awesome name (though I might be biased because I love that rapper). Now don't get me wrong I LOVE rap just this guy was so crappy that it would take a space shuttle 15 years to get to a planet to look through a telescope to see the crap it was. And I am NOT exageratating this even a little bit..... OK maybe but not very much in my opinion. Also I remind you this is only my personal opinion of the song and if you do like it, well.... you must be deaf because that was the worst song in the history of ever besides Taylor Swift because she tells stories about LOVE in her songs but what the hell does she know about LOVE you don't completely know about LOVE till your 65 and married sometimes not even then. So shut up with all the LOVE songs sing about things that you know about. Now I'm not saying ALL love songs are bad because LOVE is important I just don't think every freaking song should be about it. So I got a little off track here but anyways the lesson of the day is raps heard in LA class are bullshit, rappers should get better names, Eminem is awesome, and Taylor Swift should get a better song list.

This is George saying LA rap is definately crap

P.S. If you want to feel my pain with this rap go to Youtube and look up "Peter Piper"

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

1st Semester of School- Bye Bye, 2nd Semester- Hello Beautiful

Boo yah I am finished 1st semester of school no more Science, Social, Math prep and French; I am pretty sad to see the french go though and I will miss my awesome Science teacher not the subject, the teacher. And Hallelujah I am so done with Social it was all politics and I wish there was some history involved but whatever.

So moving on this semester is going to be so AWESOME i am going to love it because I have Math, English, Film and Video, Home Economics, Morning Band, and, of course, Drama. Over half of them have to do with the Performing Arts so I am going to LOVE every minute of it especially since music festival is coming up and I so... got to start practicing I want to be so amazing and get good marks in festival. I have got so many ideas for film and video--> my group is going to be so freaking awesome we already got it all planned out we got a guy who is good with camera's and me and my friend who are good with acting and on the plus side we are all crazy so that always make crazy good Ideas come out ROAR!!! Don't ask me about the roar I just felt like putting it in... hehe ... I also can't wait for drama it is going to be so much fun acting and playing drama games. English is going to be interesting because normally I don't like it but I am starting to like making up stories so maybe this year I can get into writing and whatever else they through at me. Math is Math it's easy and I'll have a fun time with it no matter what. Home Ec---> Yay there's food. Morning Band is going to be the same as ever; to freaking early. This semester is going to be SO GREAT "I'M SHAKING IN MY CUSTOM MADE BABY SEAL LEATHER BOOTS" - Mega Mind

TTFN- George P.S. I am a freaking crazy monster and I love that about myself.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Before I let loose my mind on you I thought I might actually tell you something serious my singing concert went well and the singing thing the week after went well 2 it was a lot of fun I loved it I also finished everything before the holidays so that was good and I was having fun and got a Drum Kit and a dino sweater and a lot of other things but that would take a lot of typing and this post is suppost to be on how my brain works so here's me after a few weeks of no posts and here is how my brain works ....... hahaha....

You should be worried! Are you worried! Yah your worried...... Haha, it's a turkey. What, where? I don't know crossing a road somewhere! What why would a turkey cross a road really they are just stupid so how would they even think of crossing a road? I don't know some one just asked me that question and I didn't know the answer so I came to you. On well I am ata loss to answer that question... hehe.... I like cheese Ohm.... Ohm..... What Kind of cheese are you? I'm Gouda! Ohm..... Ohm... I am Swiss because swiss is holy. Ohm... Ohm.... Taste like chicken what is it? That would be a door know why are you licking it? I don't know I thought it looked tasty! Ow ow owhoo I am howling to the moon I am a werehuman now I know what your thinking, "That doesn't make sense!" But for me it does!Because on a full moon I change from george to a regular human being suprising hey. You know how normal werething howl at the moon well I don't I just scream really loud at the moon, "OW!!!!!! THAT HURT WHY DID YOU PINCH ME." Just checking to see if you were all there. Oh, ok! Wow looking back at this I seem like a really insane person but really in reality I'm not .....I'm not .....I'm not ok so stop bothering me sheesh you should really get a personallity check I mean really who are you to be telling me I'm insane pfft! haha but at least I could use it in court I could just plead insanity and it would be totally true well ok maybe not because I am aware of all the things I do and I'm not a bad person Right? ...... (Awkward Silence) Ok now the doctor is in what it your problem? umm...... Yes don't be shy (keep in mid at this point in my mind the doctor is speaking with a german accent I don't know why he just is) What are the first 10 numbers in pie? ....... I am a doctor Laddie, I mean Lassie not a dentist (some how his accent change to Scottish). Oh I got it so what are the first 10 numbers in pie? ... I am sorry young lady, I don't now, but would you like some sweeties? (oh look he's British now)... Wow your a stupid doctor I already knew the answer I was testing you to see if you were a smart doctor but really you just really stupid who would want you for a doctor by the way the answer was 3.141592653. Bye stupid doctor. .........Later an old man enters the clinic. The doctor say to the man the first 10 numbers in pie are 3.141592654. The old man says, "wow you are a smart doctor and I would love you to do check ups on me however if I wanted to know the answer to that question I would have just gone to my dentist!" .... I like to remind you this is just what I am thinking about at the moment there is no rhyme or reason to it it's just what I am thinking as the "SQUIREL!" as the time goes by! .... hahahahahahaha wow I must be really bored to do a whole post on how I think this might be interesting to some people who knows I'm a believer not a trace .... oo.... ah of doubt in my mind I'm in love wait hold up a second I am not in love and I am not just saying this to cover up really I'm not really why so silent why why so silent Mama like a puma well actually never mind puma's aren't that cool unless your talking shoes cause I like shoes not the animal they can kill you so lets refraise that part before to something I actually like, "Mama like a teenage mutant ninja turle" Oh look it's Chris Brown.... Hey girlfriend own that pony tail work dat up do.... I'm slim shady yes I'm the real shady all you other slim shadies... Luke I am your father *gasp* no who didn't see that one coming whose the bee..atch now? You, foo. Lets role out, dog? Just keep swiming. Just keep swiming. Just keep swiming, swiming, swiming.... Can you feel the love tonight.. Who let the dogs out??? Who, who, who no seriously he was suppost to be in the cage and now he peed on our carpet....... COOL BEANS ... Stop the global warming don't use plastic bags, recycle these are just a few ways to help our earth.

Now you have had a look into my mind and if you stay in school you might be lucky and end up like me ..... a totally insane perfectionist. ah hahahahahaha I am Doctor Horrible I have a Phd in Horribleness oh wait my name is george and I don't have a Phd well who cares we look alike the bar won't know Just Kidding DON'T do underaged drinking unless you live in a rural town WAIT I lied don't ever drink and drive or drink underaged. Wow I got carried away SORRY. And my friend wanted me to put this on my blog so I will Hannah is my super hero she is my favourite person in the whole wide world!

>.< That's all for now folks. This George see ya all next time. (P.S. Woody Wood Peckers laugh is AWESOME!!)

Friday, December 10, 2010

My God I'm Tired but I Guess I Did it to Myself

For this past week I have been practicing none stop for my singing recital on Saturday. The practicing isn't so bad but you get tired of doing it all the time. But you know I will probably be happy with the end result and that's all that matters in the end.

After taking two week off of dance for the play I came back to find all the dances we were practicing before I missed those two weeks were completely re-choreographed. In the end I had to learn a total of 4 new 1:30 minute dances (this is how much they'd done when I came back) and then of course we added on to the choreography so it ended up being 4 1:45 second dances I am so pooped!!

Then school is just as crazy because with in the next few days coming up I have at least 3 tests; this is all my core subjects. This totally sucks because I am concentrating on singing right now for the concert but now I have 3 tests on top of that CRAZY I am going to go INSANE........AH!!!!!

Well as the title of this post says My god I'm tired but I chose to do all these different things (well I guess I don't get a choice with school work) so I guess I did it to myself. Thanks for reading and I probably won't post again until the singing concert so TTFN!!

See you next time on George of the Jungle: Crazy
This is George check ya later!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Anne of Green Gables the Finale/ It was my B-Day!

Well sorry to the people who have been reading this blog its been a long time since my last post but I was working on the Play- Anne of Green Gables but now its over. It was great while it lasted we even had one of the nights completely sold out which was way cool! Also for the past 2 days I have had like 50 people come up to me and say how much they loved it and how amazing I was and just so you don't think I sound vain; it wasn't me that said it, it was everyone else which is just crazy since I didn't even have the lead role but you know what; it was nice of them to say so and I had a great time playing the Bitch of the whole play (Josie Pye- for those who know who that character is)!But I think my favorite part of that whole time is how many times Anne got smashed in the face with an Ice Cream cone which ended up being 7 times- a whole bucket of Ice Cream (one of the time she even got scratched by the cone). Oh wait it could be when this one kid from the play went around kissing everyone but when he came to me I said,"Kiss Off."Haha, he looked depressed. Anyway, this play will probably be one of my favorite highschool memories 1. because of how many friends I made while being in it and 2. because you get to do the craziest things while in the theatre even some things that will remain unsaid!!

To be truthful I am kind of depressed that it's over but guess what life goes on and now I'm on to the next thing. I've got my singing recital coming up this Saturday and a practice this Friday. So this means I have more time in the Performing Arts Centre and I just spent all last week there and So the Play ended on Saturday, the next day I was there to watch a show, today I was there watching singing and all week I'll be in there for different theatre clubs Like Those Glee Cats and Improv Team but it doesn't stop there after the singing recital I have a Band concert on Monday. Can you believe it the P.A.C. is starting to feel like my second home!

Also here's a little tid bit for yah even though it has nothing to do with anything else. I had my birthday yesterday and now I'm FINALLY 14 Hooray! Here I came learners. I hope I get it. But ya my birthday was great I got a $50 I-tunes card and purple allstar converse( Actually Gothic Grape- but who ever thought up this name was whacked, just like Barney, so I'm just going with purple). I also got some other like Season 3 of Charmed which was the only season I needed and a necklace from New Zealand made by the native there and it protects me from evil and gives me strength ( I don't think it's doing I it's job on the evil thing people I don't like still are coming to annoy me, JK) but beside that I got $85 in total to spend and these crap princess things my Aunty give me that I don't need because I already have the 12 others she gave me in previous birthdays but I guess it's the thought that count or at least that's what I'm suppost to think even though I'm still kind of tweeked!

Well thats all I can think of right now I hope you read more of my blog and if it's to boring then I guess too bad for you and you should probably stay the "moo" off this blog.

P.S. thats my thing I use moo intead of beep it was a science project thing you had to be there we couldn't find a beep to cover my swearing so we use a moo instead.

Well this is George of the Jungle: Crazy and I'm George signing off!

Tune in next time to read about George doing the Polka dancing...... Just Kidding but I wish that was true!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hump Day!!

Hey people its Wednesday or Hump Day if you prefer!! To start off the day I went to band and played some awesome trombone we got some new songs and I am kicking ass with them (mind you I can be VERY modest). After that we did a thing called Operation Christmas Child it is an organization that gives the presents you give to the to people who can't afford presents (3rd world countries); the whole school took part in this it was pretty fun. Then I just went on with the boring part of my day a math test, science, and a social movie.

Ok people now we have reached the cool beans part of my day, my school just started its own GLEE club; pretty sweet right, ya you know I'm right. We decided we are getting clothing done and that the first song we are going to learn as a group is What's My Name Again by BLINK 182 again coolest thing ever. I'm so excited our first performance is going to be in December. I'll get back to you tomorrow with more details!

After GLEE club I had play practice again but this time was off book can you believe it our director got it together YAY!! So for a whole 2 hour we did the first part of scene 2 off books in that part my favorite line that anyone says is........ This is the Teacher- It was destiny that chose my to cultivate this pearl, by devoting my attention to the needs of every girl. For in the field of knowledge, when you plant a tiny seed, the results can be tremendous, tremendous yes indeed! (he's talking about how he got one his students knocked-up in song form) Funniest thing ever!!

Well that's the end of my day besides studying for a French Test tomorrow on Jouer and les sports if you know what that is if not just go with verbs and sports.

May the force be with you (I love Star Wars)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

One hell of a Tuesday

1st period today I went skating for gym it was really fun! After that though I didn't have the best Math class of all time the teacher doesn't teach the material he just gives you a worksheet and says, "have at it!" Then I had science; we watched a really cool movie about Plastic Bags and believe me it does sound really boring but it actually really interesting (well its that or I'm a freak! Hmmm... Maybe both). Anyways I am thinking about starting a petition to ban plastic bags in my town. Well anyways then we watched 2 movies in Social on Immigration; I got to say it I am more interested in Plastic Bags.

To anyone who cares I am a part of a group called CGIT (Canadian Girls In Training) and each year we get to run one of the services at my churchand this year we decided to do a skit on when the Angel comes to tell Mary she's pregnant but a modern day version. It was kind of hard to make it without swears for church. But the best part is I get to be God and God is the director of the skit. Awesome right? I get a directors cone and everything!! (I'll tell you more about this later maybe even post our script who knows it's pretty funny)

Next I went to my highland class and found my kilt and a new vest ready for me. And guess what people it's green my all time favorite colour, so cool. By the way highland is not for the week hearted and for anyone who feels old don't try it might cause a stroke. Yeh! I love it anyways and I am so close to being in the top level I can almost taste it.

After highland I headed for my 1 hour and 45 minute lesson which I think is a fairly long time but I feel bad for the suckers that have a 2 and a half hour lesson that would be murder!! Well I'm in Grade 4 in piano but soon will start my Grade 5; pretty fun eh! (yes I am Canadian) I also take theory and I am in Advanced Rudiments for that so I'm doing not to bad. A while back I quit piano and for 2 years I didn't take lessons but then I decided If I was going to Sing I needed to be able to practice with a piano instead of a tape so the I started lessons and found I actually like playing the piano so I guess all is well. (And theory there is no choice I have to take it for my singing oh well I'll live)

Well after that I came home and watched GLEE epic episode today really good people "YOU MUST WATCH IT" she said in a creepy stalker voice. OK who is she and how does she know what a stalker sounds like (sorry people my craziness ran away from me). But it really was a good episode.

Tomorrow I have morning band where I play 1st trombone epically. So TTFN all you cool beans that read this blog.

This is George and she is so not in the house! ( Sorry Elvis I stole your line and made it better)