Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Why the Hell Are We Listening To Rap in LA

OK apparently Rap has something to do with Language Arts in a very round about odd way but why do we have to listen to the crappiest Rap song in the history of ever I mean really. Could this Rapper dude really not think of anything better I mean "Not Bad Meaning Bad But Bad Meaning Good". That is the shittiest line in a rap ever I mean even I could do better than that crap. And you know what makes this all even better it's got people tapping on water glasses in the back ground (or so thats what it sounds like) that just piss you off and it gets worse as it progresses through the song. Another thing... Why can't rappers get better names "Jam Master Jay" nice dude very original. If rappers want to be "cool" they better get hell of a lot better names like Slim Shady that is a freaking awesome name (though I might be biased because I love that rapper). Now don't get me wrong I LOVE rap just this guy was so crappy that it would take a space shuttle 15 years to get to a planet to look through a telescope to see the crap it was. And I am NOT exageratating this even a little bit..... OK maybe but not very much in my opinion. Also I remind you this is only my personal opinion of the song and if you do like it, well.... you must be deaf because that was the worst song in the history of ever besides Taylor Swift because she tells stories about LOVE in her songs but what the hell does she know about LOVE you don't completely know about LOVE till your 65 and married sometimes not even then. So shut up with all the LOVE songs sing about things that you know about. Now I'm not saying ALL love songs are bad because LOVE is important I just don't think every freaking song should be about it. So I got a little off track here but anyways the lesson of the day is raps heard in LA class are bullshit, rappers should get better names, Eminem is awesome, and Taylor Swift should get a better song list.

This is George saying LA rap is definately crap

P.S. If you want to feel my pain with this rap go to Youtube and look up "Peter Piper"

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