Wednesday, January 26, 2011

1st Semester of School- Bye Bye, 2nd Semester- Hello Beautiful

Boo yah I am finished 1st semester of school no more Science, Social, Math prep and French; I am pretty sad to see the french go though and I will miss my awesome Science teacher not the subject, the teacher. And Hallelujah I am so done with Social it was all politics and I wish there was some history involved but whatever.

So moving on this semester is going to be so AWESOME i am going to love it because I have Math, English, Film and Video, Home Economics, Morning Band, and, of course, Drama. Over half of them have to do with the Performing Arts so I am going to LOVE every minute of it especially since music festival is coming up and I so... got to start practicing I want to be so amazing and get good marks in festival. I have got so many ideas for film and video--> my group is going to be so freaking awesome we already got it all planned out we got a guy who is good with camera's and me and my friend who are good with acting and on the plus side we are all crazy so that always make crazy good Ideas come out ROAR!!! Don't ask me about the roar I just felt like putting it in... hehe ... I also can't wait for drama it is going to be so much fun acting and playing drama games. English is going to be interesting because normally I don't like it but I am starting to like making up stories so maybe this year I can get into writing and whatever else they through at me. Math is Math it's easy and I'll have a fun time with it no matter what. Home Ec---> Yay there's food. Morning Band is going to be the same as ever; to freaking early. This semester is going to be SO GREAT "I'M SHAKING IN MY CUSTOM MADE BABY SEAL LEATHER BOOTS" - Mega Mind

TTFN- George P.S. I am a freaking crazy monster and I love that about myself.