Wednesday, January 26, 2011

1st Semester of School- Bye Bye, 2nd Semester- Hello Beautiful

Boo yah I am finished 1st semester of school no more Science, Social, Math prep and French; I am pretty sad to see the french go though and I will miss my awesome Science teacher not the subject, the teacher. And Hallelujah I am so done with Social it was all politics and I wish there was some history involved but whatever.

So moving on this semester is going to be so AWESOME i am going to love it because I have Math, English, Film and Video, Home Economics, Morning Band, and, of course, Drama. Over half of them have to do with the Performing Arts so I am going to LOVE every minute of it especially since music festival is coming up and I so... got to start practicing I want to be so amazing and get good marks in festival. I have got so many ideas for film and video--> my group is going to be so freaking awesome we already got it all planned out we got a guy who is good with camera's and me and my friend who are good with acting and on the plus side we are all crazy so that always make crazy good Ideas come out ROAR!!! Don't ask me about the roar I just felt like putting it in... hehe ... I also can't wait for drama it is going to be so much fun acting and playing drama games. English is going to be interesting because normally I don't like it but I am starting to like making up stories so maybe this year I can get into writing and whatever else they through at me. Math is Math it's easy and I'll have a fun time with it no matter what. Home Ec---> Yay there's food. Morning Band is going to be the same as ever; to freaking early. This semester is going to be SO GREAT "I'M SHAKING IN MY CUSTOM MADE BABY SEAL LEATHER BOOTS" - Mega Mind

TTFN- George P.S. I am a freaking crazy monster and I love that about myself.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Before I let loose my mind on you I thought I might actually tell you something serious my singing concert went well and the singing thing the week after went well 2 it was a lot of fun I loved it I also finished everything before the holidays so that was good and I was having fun and got a Drum Kit and a dino sweater and a lot of other things but that would take a lot of typing and this post is suppost to be on how my brain works so here's me after a few weeks of no posts and here is how my brain works ....... hahaha....

You should be worried! Are you worried! Yah your worried...... Haha, it's a turkey. What, where? I don't know crossing a road somewhere! What why would a turkey cross a road really they are just stupid so how would they even think of crossing a road? I don't know some one just asked me that question and I didn't know the answer so I came to you. On well I am ata loss to answer that question... hehe.... I like cheese Ohm.... Ohm..... What Kind of cheese are you? I'm Gouda! Ohm..... Ohm... I am Swiss because swiss is holy. Ohm... Ohm.... Taste like chicken what is it? That would be a door know why are you licking it? I don't know I thought it looked tasty! Ow ow owhoo I am howling to the moon I am a werehuman now I know what your thinking, "That doesn't make sense!" But for me it does!Because on a full moon I change from george to a regular human being suprising hey. You know how normal werething howl at the moon well I don't I just scream really loud at the moon, "OW!!!!!! THAT HURT WHY DID YOU PINCH ME." Just checking to see if you were all there. Oh, ok! Wow looking back at this I seem like a really insane person but really in reality I'm not .....I'm not .....I'm not ok so stop bothering me sheesh you should really get a personallity check I mean really who are you to be telling me I'm insane pfft! haha but at least I could use it in court I could just plead insanity and it would be totally true well ok maybe not because I am aware of all the things I do and I'm not a bad person Right? ...... (Awkward Silence) Ok now the doctor is in what it your problem? umm...... Yes don't be shy (keep in mid at this point in my mind the doctor is speaking with a german accent I don't know why he just is) What are the first 10 numbers in pie? ....... I am a doctor Laddie, I mean Lassie not a dentist (some how his accent change to Scottish). Oh I got it so what are the first 10 numbers in pie? ... I am sorry young lady, I don't now, but would you like some sweeties? (oh look he's British now)... Wow your a stupid doctor I already knew the answer I was testing you to see if you were a smart doctor but really you just really stupid who would want you for a doctor by the way the answer was 3.141592653. Bye stupid doctor. .........Later an old man enters the clinic. The doctor say to the man the first 10 numbers in pie are 3.141592654. The old man says, "wow you are a smart doctor and I would love you to do check ups on me however if I wanted to know the answer to that question I would have just gone to my dentist!" .... I like to remind you this is just what I am thinking about at the moment there is no rhyme or reason to it it's just what I am thinking as the "SQUIREL!" as the time goes by! .... hahahahahahaha wow I must be really bored to do a whole post on how I think this might be interesting to some people who knows I'm a believer not a trace .... oo.... ah of doubt in my mind I'm in love wait hold up a second I am not in love and I am not just saying this to cover up really I'm not really why so silent why why so silent Mama like a puma well actually never mind puma's aren't that cool unless your talking shoes cause I like shoes not the animal they can kill you so lets refraise that part before to something I actually like, "Mama like a teenage mutant ninja turle" Oh look it's Chris Brown.... Hey girlfriend own that pony tail work dat up do.... I'm slim shady yes I'm the real shady all you other slim shadies... Luke I am your father *gasp* no who didn't see that one coming whose the bee..atch now? You, foo. Lets role out, dog? Just keep swiming. Just keep swiming. Just keep swiming, swiming, swiming.... Can you feel the love tonight.. Who let the dogs out??? Who, who, who no seriously he was suppost to be in the cage and now he peed on our carpet....... COOL BEANS ... Stop the global warming don't use plastic bags, recycle these are just a few ways to help our earth.

Now you have had a look into my mind and if you stay in school you might be lucky and end up like me ..... a totally insane perfectionist. ah hahahahahaha I am Doctor Horrible I have a Phd in Horribleness oh wait my name is george and I don't have a Phd well who cares we look alike the bar won't know Just Kidding DON'T do underaged drinking unless you live in a rural town WAIT I lied don't ever drink and drive or drink underaged. Wow I got carried away SORRY. And my friend wanted me to put this on my blog so I will Hannah is my super hero she is my favourite person in the whole wide world!

>.< That's all for now folks. This George see ya all next time. (P.S. Woody Wood Peckers laugh is AWESOME!!)