Friday, December 10, 2010

My God I'm Tired but I Guess I Did it to Myself

For this past week I have been practicing none stop for my singing recital on Saturday. The practicing isn't so bad but you get tired of doing it all the time. But you know I will probably be happy with the end result and that's all that matters in the end.

After taking two week off of dance for the play I came back to find all the dances we were practicing before I missed those two weeks were completely re-choreographed. In the end I had to learn a total of 4 new 1:30 minute dances (this is how much they'd done when I came back) and then of course we added on to the choreography so it ended up being 4 1:45 second dances I am so pooped!!

Then school is just as crazy because with in the next few days coming up I have at least 3 tests; this is all my core subjects. This totally sucks because I am concentrating on singing right now for the concert but now I have 3 tests on top of that CRAZY I am going to go INSANE........AH!!!!!

Well as the title of this post says My god I'm tired but I chose to do all these different things (well I guess I don't get a choice with school work) so I guess I did it to myself. Thanks for reading and I probably won't post again until the singing concert so TTFN!!

See you next time on George of the Jungle: Crazy
This is George check ya later!!

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